An experiment in blogging…

19 01 2010

Virginity can be lost by a thought

… for me that is. I, like others, have opinions, resources, thoughts, play-skills, learning, teaching, and more still to deliver. So, Undecalt is the forum, the blank page to organise these opinions, resources, play-skills, learning, yadayadayada…

Here’s the plan:

Playtime: a post concerning the playing experience. Suitably vague, this could cover topics from raid tactics to achievements, playing solo or in a group, multi-boxing, courtesy… anything that fits around how we interact with the world and the players.

Interfacing: a post around improving the WoWarcraft playing experience. It may be focussed on Addons, UI theory, play-skill, or anything else that fits into this light, easy-to-think-about category. Sure, all of these are covered elsewhere on the blogonet, but everyone’s experience and understanding is as unique as the UI. This is the spot for me.

Experience Points: commentary. Having had a week of catching up on other blogs’ posts, this is where I’ll add my own thoughts… or just simply regurgitate others.

Guilded: a guild post. I plan to use this blog for a bivalent purpose. The first is to interact with the blogophile community, with the intent of contributing at least a smidgeon. The second is as a go-to site for the guild. Again, this is experimental. I sometimes enjoy reading about how other guilds have encountered challenges, sometimes I don’t. But several blogs manage to find a happy medium of balancing personal guild content with the wider issues. We’ll see how it works…

There may not be a post every week in every topic, but there will be a post every week.

And apologies in advance. I do love to overuse ellipses…




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