Guilded: The cost of raiding

24 01 2010

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity

I intend for this post to start a series of linked topics on being ready to raid with your guild. It could of course apply to non-guild raiding, but it is targetted to my guild which I know very well…

3 hours of raiding =

  • 10 level 80s: an optimistic levelling time is 100 hours, just over 4 days of game time each. A month and a half of cumulative time.
  • Suitable level of gear: Even entry-level raids like Naxx require some gearing time. Let’s be optimistic again and say 10 hours each. Another 4 days.
  • Flasks: 2 tanks; 1 spellpower healer; 2 MP5 healers; 1 spellpower DPS; 4 rage DPS… 78 Lichbloom, 36 Icethorn, 18 Goldclover, 15 Frost Lotus, 9 Crystallised Life, 9 Pygmy Oil, 9 Enchanted Vial…
    • These require either gold to buy the mats and flasks, or someone to to train the appropriate professions, gather the mats and craft. Let’s say 10 hours of profession training.
  • Food: We’ll go straightforward… assuming you have the mats, 2 hours of training to make Fish Feasts… and a couple of hoursof fishing and cooking dailies to make 20 feasts.
  • Buff reagents: Just gold really. Which means time to earn…
  • Ammo: Hunter-dependent of course, but it means (if the hunter is half-decent) someone needs to level Engineering. 3 hours.

So, before the instance portal is even crossed, we have about a conservative estimate of over 900 hours of cumulative (wo)man-hours.

And now, the message…

Consider the time that our fellow guildies put into being prepared for each raid. Whether the guild is real-life (casual), progression or hard-mode orientated, 10- or 25-man, we all have a responsibility to be properly prepared and focussed on that group activity. In case anyone needs a list šŸ™‚

  • Punctuality
  • Repaired
  • Reagents/Buffables
  • Prepared for the role
  • Geared for the role
  • Gemmed and enchanted for the role
  • Specced for the role
  • Knowledgable about the run
  • Available for the run

Even real-life guilds don’t want to spend hours after hours wiping on trash or bosses. If the raid is cutting-edge content for your guild, you have a responsibility to those others who have also played hard to get ready.




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