Ninjas out in the cold? They aren’t alone…

15 03 2010
So, Frozen Orbs will become a new uber-currency, tradeable for items such as Eternal Fire and Frost Lotus. In order to combat the loot ninjas, these orbs now become ‘Greed’able only.
Although this simplifies the system, and I’m all for simplfying choices for the masses, I don’t think I agree with the reasoning behind it. There’s this whole approach of ‘the player not the class’. Yet I am not rewarded for my time in that heroic, I am rewarded only for the toon I take. So if I tank, I can link my two crafting professions from Anaster, and justify a ‘Need’ roll. If I heal on Haevn the Shaman, I have two gathering professions, and so can’t justify a ‘Need’ roll. Yet I have every single crafting skill that needs Frozen Orbs on other toons. Let’s say I ‘Needed’ the orb to get an Eternal Fire that I ‘Needed’ in order for my tailor to craft a healing cloak for me? Could I justify that ‘Need’ on my gathering Shaman? Of course I could…
But it’s the bigger picture here. Getting rid of ninjas is great (though it’s been a long, long time since I encountered any) but reducing it to ‘Greed’ limits the choice of the mature player also…



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