Have been playing WoW since May 2007. Purchased my second account eleven months later, and after that (stupid human) discovered Recruit-A-Friend. The third account was enabled precisely one year before this blog, and was RAF-linked! My ‘mains’ are all on Ahn-Qiraj-EU (PvP). 7 classes at 80, 3 more in Northrend. My main focus is PvE, with some interest in Arena.

The guild is formed around a core of real-life, adult (I wary of saying mature 🙂 ) friends; some friended before and some after we started playing WoW. We are real-life players also (I prefer that term to casual as ‘casual’ is too relative a term… one can hardly be casual with three accounts) so RL comes first. We are proud of our position on the server, despite derision from the less mature, hardcore raiders of the server. We fulfill an important role, allowing people to see some of the end-game 10-man content without having to commit to a progression-oriented guild. We tend to be a patch or two behind the server-firsts. It would be nicer for many of us to see more content more quickly, but we pride the guild atmosphere too highly to pressurise our members.


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