Interfacing: Raiding addons

26 01 2010

Like tourists huffing and puffing to reach the peak we forget the view on the way up

It’s my intention to detail some of these addons further rather than simple recite lists. Should you not be able to wait however, you can find most of these at or

At 80 (or earlier should you so desire a particular function) the use of addons can change its focus. Gone are those used simply for the levelling experience, and enter many whose purpose it is to ease your passage through the Heroic and Raiding experiences. I tend to find that I enable more addons at 80; this can be counter-productive as you could argue that at 80, your gaming experience requires more of your computer and bandwidth. More addons means more demands on an increasingly utilised system. Most people should be fine, but with my ISP provider and location limiting my capacity, I’ve had to pick and choose those instance addons that are necessary and important:

  1. Atlaslo0t: Honestly, I could probably live without this item database addon. It’s great for convenience, but I don’t find myself using it to study loot. I tend to use websites like and and build my gearing programme that way. However, if you like convenience, this is the way for you.
  2. Buffalo: Being able to move your buff and debuff positions becomes much more crucial for maintaining productive real estate. This allows buffs, debuffs and weapon buffs to be configurable. Be aware, it doesn’t have a nice menu system as it’s all based on chat instructions. /buffalo will get you started.
  3. BuffEnough: Analyses your group comp and tells you what buffs you are missing. Can be instructed to prioritise certain class buffs (like Blessings) and even checks for flasks and food. de rigueur in our raids now.
  4. DXE: Deadly Boss Mods just got served. DXE (Deus vox Encounters) is clean, fresh, lightweight and more informative.
  5. eZicons: You can set up macros or keybindings for mob marking, or just double-click (left mouse button please… no premature pulls 😀 ) and select from the radial icons.
  6. MSBT: Blizzard’s combat text is half-arsed. Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text is extensive, but spending a little bit of time gives you the information you need.
  7. Omen 3: Threat meter. If you need more info than that, go play Solitaire. Threat meters allow you to play with others… Solitaire?
  8. Omni CC: An extra signal to inform you about cooldowns.
  9. Power Auras Classic: I’m only just getting to grips with this involved addon. Any visual signal that can help my role beyond that which the encounter offers (like, I don’t know, big bubbling puddles of FIRE!!!) is well received here. You can copy and import other people’s settings as strings of code… this one is definitely a topic for future posts.
  10. Recount: Its value is both over- and under-estimated. If it’s for personal use, with training dummies and the like, then great. If not, and you run raids with it as your Bible, then might I suggest a game of cards… on your own. When used in groups, it is a yardstick, nothing more. It may be source for friendly competition, but it is not accurate enough to berate individuals. Including yourself.

A rushed post today, but one I was going to write anyway. More details on some of these will follow. If you have any specific requests, you know where to find the comments section…